A blog of an unhappy doctor.

A blog of an unhappy doctor

This blog is to educate interested parents and prospective students out there about the serious potential problems that await medical graduates on leaving medical school/college. This is about helping students make wise decisions for their financial future. All is not glitz and glamour; reality does bite and strike hard when you have to support yourself and your own family after the convocation/graduation ceremony. This is all about doctors about living in a professional world of job scarcities and tightly restrictive labour markets.

Many doctors in today’s world are unhappy about their careers and how life has turned out for them. A lot of practicing doctors would not recommend Medicine as a career to anyone who asks them. Has anyone really tried or cared to understand why?

Doctors do not feel valued by society in general. Patients and hospital administrators taken them for granted a lot of the time. Doctors do not feel they have the autonomy to help patients make decisions that is compatible with good scientific clinical practice. Today’s patients feel they know the best and know everything, as they are patients and they have the internet at their disposal. They never had to make the time, effort and investment to study Medicine, clear exams and spend time facing abuse and overwork in hospital residencies. The internet has done the job for them what doctors were doing before.

This blog is not meant to¬†win or secure anyone’s vote. It is meant to convey the real and hard facts and ground realities as you would find them as IMG or home medical graduates when it’s time to find a residency or employment.

Life is mostly about earning a living to support yourself and your families. That is the essential bottom line. Once again this blog is all about that.

This quick article of mine gives another explanation of this blog’s purpose: NEVER FORGET THE FUNDAMENTALS OF LIFE

Never Forget The Fundamentals of Life

What are your thoughts about these issues? Are you a practicing or retired doctor or nurse? Are you a student thinking about entering medical school? Please give your comments and let’s start a debate!


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An IMG doctor- lost in this tightly restrictive world of shrinking opportunities in Medicine and closed labour markets for medical graduates. I am against the bullying and harassment of all doctors. I believe society, parents and politicians are not telling the truth about the realities of medical practice and education to teenagers.


  1. 5th December 2015

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  2. Sriza
    20th April 2019

    As junior doctors in Sri Lanka we are overworked and underpaid. I have in my postintern period now, but due to a crisis with a private medical university, there is a shortage of new interns. Therefore, we are still forced to work as interns.
    As an intern, life is miserable. We eat just to keep us ourselves barely alive. Work more than 36 hours at a stretch. To top it all off, the bullying from the experienced nursing staff plus the senior house officers is despicable.
    It’s a shame really, all these senior doctors who underwent the same training, think that it’s alright to abuse these new interns. Insult them infront of patients, nursing staff etc. Not even allow bathroom breaks. It’s the ragging culture that is still being carried on, disgusting behaviour.
    I know many interns who left medicine because of such reasons. I, myself had a major breakdown ending up in the ICU. Surviving thanks to anti-depressants.
    Only thing that keeps us in this job is the love for our patients. Working in a develping country and being able to put a smile on these faces, just makes the day!

    • admin
      22nd April 2019

      Dear Sriza, your experience is very painful to read. You deserve respect as the youngest member of your team, and shame on your senior colleagues who don’t have the decency to understand how to treat a colleague. If they had children working in your position, they may have understood the effect of bullying in the workplace. It’s because of these senior hoodlums and thugs that has made Medicine into a very sad and miserable profession today. You should talk to your local medical association and a lawyer to bring a cease and desist notice to these thugs to stop or face legal action. That’s the only thing that would make them see some sense. You have suffered enough. Stay blessed!

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