Well folks, it’s my 3rd year running as a staff grade non training doctor in the NHS. I am very disappointed at the system for making me feel sad at the thought of having a career in UK Medicine.

Your first encounter with NHS reality:

One article here  that reveals the workplace pressures and lack of sympathy that junior doctors face in the frontline of the NHS. If you are not a healthcare worker, you may
understand after reading the online article as to why doctors feel burned out and either emigrate and/or quit the profession entirely.

If you have attended medical school abroad and have come to the UK to work in the NHS as a staff grade non training doctor, you may have faced challenges. Have you felt being walked over by your nursing colleagues? Have you faced the scorn and criticism from your registrar and/or consultant? Is the reality of being a doctor in frontline Medicine what you have dreamed and expected? Has the rhetoric from your elders about a medical career matched the reality you face on a daily basis? Were your elders involved with healthcare in a professional basis in any way, shape or form when they advised you to become a doctor? Have you spoken to anyone about your feelings? Are you even encouraged to talk about your feelings? If you have spoken to anyone in your family and/or circle of friends, what response and advice did you receive?

If you are a doctor or nurse, do you imagine being in your job for the next few years or till retirement? What do you enjoy about your career? What do you wish were different? What was it about work that has been making you think of switching careers, if that has been on your mind?

Physician Exhaustion & Depression:

As far as the UK and NHS are concerned, the General Medical Council (GMC) have taken notice of the growing and relentless workplace pressures on all doctors. You can read their words of concern here from their report titled ” The state of medical education and practice in the UK “.
According to this report, many doctors are seriously thinking of alternate career plans to move away from the heavy workload they encounter in General Practice and hospital work. Approximately 33% of 2,600 doctors in the survey are considering to reduce their working hours in the coming three years. 20% were thinking of going part time and another 20% plan to quit the UK to work in other countries. In the GMC’s exact words: “Of particular concern is that 21 per cent of 45–54 year old doctors and two-thirds of 55–64 year olds intend to take early retirement by 2021″. To me, the more doctors who quit NHS jobs, the more pressure piles up on the remaining doctors, which will ultimately make them think of walking out more sooner than they would have otherwise done. Sadly, from personal experience in the NHS, the more people get overworked and feel worthless, the more they are at risk of experiencing depression. The GMC’s 2018 executive summary of ” The state of medical education and practice in the UK” can be accessed here.

The rationale of this blog: education of teenagers thinking of entering medical school.

The reason I started this blog and website was to start a national and global conversation among doctors along with other healthcare professionals and their family members, patients and everyone concerned about what has been driving people in hospitals and clinics up the wall. It’s about revealing actual realities of being doctors to our children and letting them make a free choice to accept or decline becoming or continuing as doctors. This is a call to action for everyone to tear down the walls of silence and hold hands together.

This scene from the movie Gladiator is a legend to me. Maximus the general tells his comrades that if everyone stays and works together, they have a better chance. “We stay together, we survive”. Watch from 02:30 to 02:45 in this video clip here

Let’s start this conversation. All comments are welcome.

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An IMG doctor- lost in this tightly restrictive world of shrinking opportunities in Medicine and closed labour markets for medical graduates. I am against the bullying and harassment of all doctors. I believe society, parents and politicians are not telling the truth about the realities of medical practice and education to teenagers.

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