The perils of a career in Medicine in today’s world.

This blog website’s only purpose is to start a debate about the wisdom or otherwise of today’s children and their families choosing a career in Medicine.

Everyone is entitled to having their own opinions, taking their own decisions and bearing the consequences. Many people may agree with me, and many others would disagree. My only objective is to inform pre university students out there about the great difficulties and challenges doctors face to secure employment and earn for ourselves and our families.

The days of job security for doctors are over. Postgraduate medical education (PGE) and training has always been funded by government funds. The funding for PGE has not kept up with the increasing numbers of medical graduates entering the job market worldwide. The result is an increasing number of doctors failing to secure internships and PGE residences.

This has only produced a situation of doctors being unemployed, or working in low level service jobs with little chance of professional advancement. The ultimate losers in this situation can only be the medical graduates and their families.

Welcome to today’s world of job scarcities and zero employment security for medical doctors.

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